This tutorial will show you how to add a touch of colour to any party, celebration or event. You will see how simple it is to make a garland of paper cups with spray paint. On the occasion of the French national holiday, Vincent – our French pintypluser  – made a garland with paper cups. To decorate it used spray paint with the same colors of the French flag: blue, white and red.

Materials for decorating a garland with paper cups     

Pintyplus Evolution spray paint Gentian Blue, Sky blue, Signal White and Traffic Red
Paper or cardboard cups.
A strip of LED lights

Choosing two different shades of blue adds a bit of variety to the garland and breaks up the colours a little.

Step by step to make the garland of paper cups

First of all, make sure your work area is protected. The glasses are then cleaned with a cloth to remove any dust and help the paint to adhere to the surface.

Shake up the can of  Pintyplus Evolution for one minute until you can hear the mixing balls moving in the can. We put the cups face down and sprayed at a distance of about 20/30 cm, slightly tilting the can. To avoid accumulation of paint and the risk of it running, it is best to apply several very thin layers. In this case, the cups had a design on them, so to ensure that was covered we applied two layers waiting 10 minutes between each. After the last layer, we waited about 20 minutes to dry completely.

Then, with the help of a pencil, mark the center of the base of each glass. Using scissors make a small cut in the base of the cups. LED lights will be inserted through it. Simply pass a cup through each of the LEDs on the strip. Finally, string the coloured cups along the lights in the colours of the French flag.


Tips for painting paper cups

Paper cups weigh very little which means it’s easy for them to topple over when you spray them. To avoid this, apply some removable adhesive spray (try our Pinty Plus repositionable adhesive spray from our Art range) on the work area, when the paint is dry you can peel them easily without any traces of adhesive remaining.