We’ve recently relaunched one of our popular spray paints. Aqua now comes in a new formula in handy size cans with precision nozzles which make it perfect for craft projects

In this tutorial and video, one of our Spanish bloggers Nidia from Scrapamuni demonstrates two simple but effective techniques for creating DIY art with Pintyplus Aqua spray paint.


Materials for making your own decorative sheets

Pintyplus Aqua 2017 spray paint
Watercolor Paper
Washi tape the masking tape
Number 9 or 10 brush
Chinese ink
Spray with water
Plastic document holder

Method 1 - Basic technique for creating DIY art with spray paint

The first technique is to combine different shades of Pintyplus Aqua. The following colors have been used: Ice Blue, Blue Bloody, True Blue and Orange Apricot. Using this technique you get a nice contrast between the different blue tones and the orange yellow.

To begin the area of ??the sheet that is not to be painted is protected with washi or masking tape and some protective paper. When you are ready to start painting shake the can for one minute after you hear the mixing balls inside. This step is vital to make sure the paint inside is evenly mixed.

Now we start to spray! Slightly incline the can and spray at a distance of about 15 cm. After allowing to dry for 10 or 15 minutes, remove the protective paper and use a new color to paint another strip of the sheet.

Once all the paint has dried, with the help of the brush and the Chinese ink, write a word or phrase that you like on top of the multi-coloured background.

After you have followed all the steps, you have a simple but impressive piece of DIY artwork

Method 2 - Decorate paper with a watercolour technique

This technique involves applying semi-transparent layers of paint, to achieve a watercolor effect using Pintyplus Aqua. This tutorial uses colorus of similar tones such as Pink Buble Gum, Crimson Red and Aurora Red.

To begin the different tones are sprayed on a plastic document holder. Then water is sprayed onto the plastic until the paint is diluted slightly.

Carefully place the watercolor paper on top of it and press the entire surface with your hands. This operation will be repeated as many times as desired until the desired result is achieved.

Once the paint has dried, write on the sheet using the brush and the Chinese ink.

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