In this step by step tutorial we will show you how to turn an old globe into an original lamp for a children’s room with the help of one of our Spanish bloggers Cristina from Creado Por Krispis

Materials for recycling a globe into a lamp     

Chalk paint spray in pale turquoise, turquoise, cracked white and mustard.
Spray varnish
Primer for plastics (recommended)
Cleaning alcohol
Texts and decorations made of wood or cardboard
Wool or rope

  1. Step by step to turn a globe into a lamp

First, unscrew the globe from the base and remove the paper map from the surface.    Wipe the entire surface with a cloth and alcohol to ensure it is clean and clear of any residue which may effect the quality of the paint job.    Place the globe on a support, shake your can of Pinty Plus spray chalk paint for one minute and spray light layers of pale turquoise paint over the surface keeping a distance of 25 to 30cm.

2. Paint the base

The base will be painted with turquoise spray chalk paint following the same procedure as with the ball. The plastic arch that holds the globe, will be painted with broken white chalk paint.

Finally to hide and beautify the cable, it will be lined with blue wool.

3. Decorating the globe

Once the paint has dried, the globe will be decorated with labels or cardboard figures made with a die cutter or a cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo. If you do not have a die cutter, you can print the template you prefer and cut it with scissors.

In this specific case, a text has been used with the words “sweet dreams”, clouds and stars which are suitable for decorating a children’s room. These have been sprayed with Pinty Plus mustard and broken white paint.

4º.- Protect the painting

After approximately one hour when the paint is thoroughly dry, spray paint with water-based Pintyplus varnish. This varnish is special for chalk paint and is applied in the same way as paint and provides a perfect finish. Since chalk paint is porous it also prevents paint from staining.

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