This DIY project has enchanted us! Besides being an attractive idea for your terrace or garden, it shows us a clever idea for putting leftover tiles to use with just a little spray paint. If you have done some work recently and you have spare tiles, or you simply have some broken or damaged pieces, do not throw them! In this tutorial Stéphanie Bricole shows us how to recycle tiles with our spray paints, and turn them into an original table or seat for outside.

Materials for making an outdoor mosaic table  

Pintyplus Evolution spray paint. Choose from the wide color chart to create a joyful mosaic.
Pintyplus Evolution acrylic spray varnish.
A tree stump or a log.
Adhesive or cement glue.
Putty for joints.
Towel or blanket

Tutorial : How to recycle tiles and make a mosaic table

First, choose a tile and wrap it with a blanket or towel.
It is then hit with the hammer to break the tile into pieces.
Then the pieces are placed on cardboard or newspaper to protect the surface they are being painted on.
To paint, shake the can for one minute and spray the spray paint on the tile pieces, using light layers and gradually building up to cover the entire surface.
Allow to dry for 15 to 20 minutes and protect with spray varnish.
Sand the surface of the stump and cover with adhesive or cement glue. Leave a space of a few millimeters between each tile piece to compose the mosaic.
Finally, the gaps are filled with sealing putty, removing the excess before it dries with a damp sponge.

With this easy tutorial you have managed to create an original decoration for your garden using recycled materials. Depending on the size of the stump, you can use it as a table or as a seat, we hope you like dthe project as much as we do!

Links to products used in this tutorial…

Pinty Plus Evolution paint
Pinty Plus spray varnish

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