Scrapbooking is a technique for making photo albums or clippings to folders, calendars, calendars, envelopes, invitations, etc. In addition, it is a fun craft to develop your creativity.

This tutorial will show you how to make scrapbooking easy with Pintyplus Aqua, you’ll love it! Judy from Judyscrap shows us step by step how to make easy scrapbooking with our new range of Pintyplus Aqua spray paint. To do this, he has created a lovely mini scrapbook with images of his children.

Materials to make a mini album     

Pintyplus Aqua spray paint
Watercolor paper
Scrapbook papers
Double-sided adhesive tape
Washi tape
Labels, dies…
Twin binding wire

How to apply spray paint for scrapbook

From her extensive experience as a scrapbooker, Judy makes a number of recommendations when it comes to using PintyPlus aqua spray paint with stencils

Spray about 15 cms from the stencil, although you can be a little further away or closer depending on the desired intensity.
Do not go too close to avoid accumulations of excess product.
Cover paper areas that you do not want to paint.
Clean the masks or stencils with a wet wipe or under the tap with soap and water. If the paint has dried on the stencil, it can be cleaned without problems by rubbing with a sponge.

Easy Scrapbooking: Step By Step Mini Album

To make this mini album fold in half 3 sheets of paper 30 × 15 cm.


Next, masks and stencil templates are used to create decorative backgrounds on the different pages of the mini album. To do this, shake the can of paint spray for one minute and spray at a distance of about 15/20 cm, depending on the intensity you want to provide. Combining different colors of Pintyplus Aqua, you will get the beautiful results shown in the following images


Once the pages have been decorated with spray paint, a couple of holes are made in the spine of the mini album. Then the twin thread is passed to bind it.

For the cover a variety of embellishments have been made to frame the photo of Judy’s daughter

Finally, to decorate the interior pages, different stamps have been used. The final result is beautiful!