At this time of year many of us will be considering giving our garden furniture an overhaul. In this tutorial we describe how to paint rusty iron with Pinty Plus Tech forging spray.

These garden loungers are six years old and were originally a bluish gray color but have faded over time. In addition, the iron 
has begun to rust in places, so a decision had to be made whether to throw away or restore!

As a PintyPluser and keen upcycler, she chose the best option: save the sunbeds! For us it is a great opportunity to show you how to restore 
rusty iron with our Pintyplus Tech forge spray. This type of paint is a two in one as it is primer and paint finish at the same time.

Materials to recover the sunbeds

    Pintyplus Tech Forge Paint
    Sandpaper or wire brush
    And old rag

Step by step to renew the oxidized iron

Although it is not necessary to sand thoroughly, it is advisable to use sandpaper or a metal brush (such as one you might use to clean 
a barbecue) to lightly rub the surface, concentrating on the areas where the rust is most evident. Next, clean the surface by rubbing
a rag over it to remove any accumulated dust and dirt to ensure a good grip for the paint.

The Pintyplus Tech range contains a wide range of primers to protect different types of metal, among other surfaces. However, it 
also has some products which are primers and paints in one as in the case of the Pintyplus Forge spray. 

In addition, you can choose from 5 colours: black, gray, blue, red and green.For this occasion we picked black as it creates a great modern look.

After shaking the spray can for one minute, begin to paint. Forge paint has great coverage so you will see how a single layer is enough to 
cover the entire surface.
Pintyplus forge paint is touch dry in about 30 minutes, but leave for 24 hours before using to ensure the sun lounger is completely dry.


To see the full selection of colours in our Forge paint range follow this link.