Are you thinking about giving your outdoor furniture a facelift? Look no further, with Pintyplus you can paint your terrace or garden furniture in a range of colours.

Blogger  Dekorella recently renovated a table and bench set for her garden and here’s how she did it…

Materials for renovating your outdoor furniture     

Pintyplus two in one primer and forge paint.     

Pintyplus chalk paint spray    

Spray varnish

How to Paint Your Terrace Furniture Step by Step

This bench is composed of wood (on the table and the seats), and metal (legs). For each of these materials a different type of paint was used, as you will see below.

We started with the wooden table top and painted it with broken white chalk paint spray.  As the table was already completely varnished, we sanded the surface to help the paint adhere better. After sanding, we shook the can vigorously for a minute and then sprayed thin mist coats over the surface to build up the paint in layers. We repeated this process for the seats.

Finally, to protect the table top and seats, we applied two layers of spray varnish.Although our particular blogger used the acrylic varnish from the Evolution range, we recommend you use the matte water based varnish or the gloss water based Pinty Plus art varnish.

Also if you are spraying outside try and choose a day when it isn’t too windy! As long as the paint is wet it can adhere to anything it comes into contact with as the wind carries it including small insects !

Paint metal with 2-in-1 primer and forge paint

To paint the metal parts there is no better product than our two in one primer and forge paint. It prevents corrosion and leaves an absolutely matte feel, with wrought iron appearance. It’s also perfect for exterior projects as it resists weather damage . If the forging finish does not fit the style you are looking for, an alternative would be to use iron primer and then paint with Pintyplus Evolution.

To paint the metal legs, it is necessary to clean them beforehand and to apply the forge paint. In this case, the legs were in good condition and did not have to do any special preparation. If the metal you are spraying is rusty, it’s advisable to remove the rust first with a metal brush.

The finished result combines perfectly with the garden, as well as with the kitchenware.

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