Do you have house plants in typical clay or plastic pots? Do you want to beautify them easily and economically? If so, you can not miss this practical idea to learn how to make a hexagonal pot holder decorated with spray paint.

Plants bring life and joy to any home. Normally, they are planted inside clay or plastic pots that are not particularly attractive. To beautify them, you don’t need to make a big investment. Vincent of Shakemyblog shows us a practical idea for making a hexagonal carton decorated with spray paint.

Materials for making your own hexagonal carton     Pintyplus Evolution. For this project has been used the gold color and white color.     Ruler     Pencil     Scissors     Masking tape

How to make a flowerpot with cardboard

To make a hexagonal carton, follow these steps:     

Cut the rectangular cardboard. Keep in mind that the piece is of sufficient length and height to conceal the plastic or clay pot.     

Measure the length of the rectangle, divide it into 6 equal lengths and mark them with a pencil.     

Using the ruler, fold the carton through the previously marked parts.     

Join the beginning and the end with adhesive tape.    

 Apply the desired color spray paint.

How to Paint Cardboard with Spray Paint

Acrylic paints like Pintyplus Evolution are ideal for painting cardboard. Due to its rapid drying (about 10 minutes), the carton is prevented from softening. The steps to be taken are as follows:     

Spray spray paint from a greater distance than usual. Usually they are about 20cm, but in this case it should be doubled.     

Paint with thin layers of paint giving smooth strokes. This prevents accumulation or excessive moisture for the carton.     

Wait about 15 minutes for the paint to dry completely. On the other hand, it should be noted that whenever you paint with more than one color, you must start with the lightest (in this case white).

Choose your favorite colors from the Pintyplus Evolution range. With the help of the masking tape you can make different combinations. Tailor them to your style to create custom decorations.

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