Are you thinking of updating the furniture in your children’s room? If so, don’t miss this great Ikea hack for the ever popular Lack table. You can buy one new or like our blogger

Masni Dekoració rennovate one you already have. You’ll only need a couple of cans of blackboard paint and less than half an hour to completely transform the table.

Paint a melamine cabinet step by step

This melamine table covered stickers, needed an update. For this, its owner thought it would be a good solution to paint it with blackboard spray so it looked good and provided a new source of entertainment for the kids.

First we sanded the surface to remove the stickers and level the entire top. As you can see, kids also like to participate in these DIY projects.

After sanding, use a damp cloth to remove any dust. Then apply a coat of Pintyplus Universal Primer to ensure the paint adheres to the surface well and survives the daily rigours of being part of a children’s bedroom!

After applying the primer, it is best to let it dry completely for 24 hours so that we can guarantee the paint will stick well to the surface. When you are ready to apply the paint shake the can vigorously until you can hear the mixing balls moving about in the can. Then apply thin layers by moving the can evenly over the surface. For this project we started with the legs of the table and continued with the top. After a few minutes apply a second layer and a third layer if you feel it is needed. The thicker it is, the more it will withstand the friction of the chalk, the scratches or blows. This particular project needs to be child-proof!

Once the paint has dried (about 30 minutes), the table is reassembled and we let you enjoy it.

More ideas with paint chalkboard paint spray

There are plenty of applications for our chalkboard spray paint. Spray up a wooden plank and add a motto or phrase, add it to tiles in a bathroom or directly on the wall. You can also use it on glass jars so you can label them with the contents, add it to shoe boxes or in drawers.

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