Whilst technology may have made typewriters obsolete, they still hold an enduring appeal to many. In this tutorial we’ll show you how Spanish blogger Krispis rejuvinated an Olivetti machine in under an hour using Pinty Plus spray chalk paint

spray chalk paint makeover


Materials for this project…

1 can of primer (optional). If you intend to use the typewriter rather than having it just to display, it is advised you coat the enamel surface with a primer so that the paint adheres well and is more resistant to rubbing and wear.
1 can of Pintyplus spray chalk paint spray (take your pick from our range of 18 colours)
Spray varnish. If you are looking for a matte finish or spray wax if you prefer a more satin finish.


spray chalk paint vintage typewriter makeover


4 Steps to Paint Your Old Typewriter

Remove the housing. Normally they go under pressure, so it shouldn’t require too much effort.
Clean the entire surface of the machine with alcohol. This eliminates dirt and dust, as well as the remains of cleaning products that hinder the adhesion of the paint.
Spray with
Pinty Plus chalk paint. To do this, shake the can for one minute. Then spray the casing with several thin layers of paint, allowing to dry for about 20 minutes between each coat, until completely covering the surface.
Varnish waxing. The varnish can be applied as soon as the paint has dried (approximately 20/30 minutes). In the case of the wax, it is advisable to wait several hours before applying it, since when polishing it is carried out the friction that can lift the painting if it is not dry enough.

olivetti typewriter transformed with pinty plus spray chalk paint


A pretty impressive transformation which you achieve in under an hour! If this project inspires you to do your own makeover we’d love to see the results, you can always email us at sales@novasolspray.co.uk or share with us on Facebook or Twitter