One of the Pinty Plus Spanish bloggers Cristina, has been busy preparing for spring by transforming and old and broken chair into a plant pot holder! We reckon there might be a few people who have broken chairs kicking around in their garages, but not many who have thought of doing this with them, so here’s how she did it…

Here’s what the chair looked like to begin with.

First the  chair was sanded down to make the surface even and the broken part of the seat was removed. Apparently Cristian who is a passionate upcycler has actually hung on to this to use for another project!

Christina used compressed air to get all the dust and dirt off the surface, but you could also use methylated spirit and a cloth.

When it was clean and dry Cristina begun painting using two colours from the Pinty Plus chalk paint range, Ash Grey (dark)
and White (clear) broken. Don’t worry too much about getting an even coat with the grey as the white will be covering it.

Next to give it its vintage effect! This method uses a candle which you rub on the first coat of paint in the areas where you don’t want the second coat of paint to stick. For the most realistic finished look it’s best to apply the candle wax to areas where an old chair would naturally become worn.

After applying the wax spray you second layer of paint using the white chalk paint this time. Ensure you get good coverage with this second layer so that the grey doesn’t show through.

Finally once the second coat has been applied use sandpaper to gently remove some of the paint. The areas where the candle wax has been applied will lift off very easily allowing the first coat of grey paint to show through.