Secrets Vintage Girls show you a step-by-step account for renewing your chimney with Pinty Plus spray paint. Such restorations require an exothermic paint ie. a paint which resists high temperatures.

Chimney 1

Since the Sandblasting technique is not available to most and requires a team of experts with equipment, you can be replaced the need for this with a very simple solution to the problem: Greenox Pickling spray.

Chimney 2

Chimney cleaning

Having gone through the equivalent of sandblasting with the Greenox Pickling process, it is necessary to clean the surface. Any impurities can affect the paint adhesion. We can do this with a product free of oils or silicones, such as wood alcohol.

Painting the Fireplace

Paint the fireplace with Pinty Plus Tech High Temperature spray paint.

it is best to apply several thin layers to prevent dripping.

Chimney 3

It is not necessary to wait for the first coat to dry completely before spraying the second coat.

Chimney 4

Very important: Heat the fireplace

Once the second coat has been applied, gradually heat the fireplace. For that, turn on the fireplace and add firewood gradually to increase the heat slowly for as many hours as possible.

During this process we recommend that you ventilate the area.

Chimney 5

Cost of Restoration

We used 4 cans of spray paint (400ml Pinty Plus Tech), representing a total of 32 pound sterling and a can of Greenox Pickling Spray at 11 pound sterling (prices correct at the time of printing).

In short, to transform an old Cast Iron fireplace to it’s former glory, it is much cheaper than you think.

The result is so impressive that those who see it cannot believe that has been painted.

Chimney 6

You’ve seen how easy and economical it is to restore a fireplace with High Temperature spray paint. In just one day you can achieve a new look as we did.