Tray table 1

Tray-tables are very practical, especially because in a moment they can be assembled and disassembled, making them ideal as an extra complement in the living room, Dining room, Conservatory or Bedroom. Here we show you how you can customize a tray-table with Pinty Plus products.

Tray table 2

To bring your personality and a touch of originality to your tray-table quickly and with a perfect finish, these are the Pinty Plus spray products you’ll need:

First paint the legs of the table with Forge (wrought iron) spray paint. This time we used the green, but you can choose between black, gray, blue and red.

Tray table 3

Then use the Chalk spray paint to stain the wooden tray and table top.  To do this you need to spray some chalk paint and immediately (without letting it dry), wipe with a damp sponge to drag off some of the colour .

This way you highlight the grain of the wood with your chosen colour.  We used Ash Gray Chalk paint on this table, but you could use brown, blue, green or indeed any colour palette from the Pinty Plus Chalk range. Remember that the chalk paint, thanks to its porous finish, will help you get a worn or aged effect which is more realistic than other paints and enamels. You can spray over it with the Pinty plus Water-based Varnish for protection from staining if you wish, but please be aware that this might slightly alter the appearance of the chalk surface texture.

Tray table 4

Decoupage with Pinty Plus Removable Adhesive

Finally, to decorate the front of the drawers, we used the Decoupage technique with paper napkins. To do this you simply apply Removable  Adhesive spray on the back of the printed part of the napkin.  In this video tutorial you can see how.