Your children love Star Wars & you want to keep them entertained! Well here is a craft idea that will keep your little Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia or Darth Vader occupied. DIY Light Saber swords for them to enjoy playing Jedi.

This post comes from the France Hand blog Les Idées du Samendi .

Step by Step:

All you need is:


Firstly paint each light saber with with the Pinty Plus Evolution white gloss paint to form a base layer and let dry before painting with your chosen Pintyplus Evolution fluorescent colour; yellow and red are ideal for these lightsabers. To crank up the brightness, apply a layer of Pintyplus Art Acrylic Varnish 12 hours after painting.


Glue plastic lids such as those from milk cartons onto the handle end of each roll using Greenox adhesive or any other instant glue. Once everything is completely dry, paint the handles with Pintyplus Evolution silver, we used 2 coats, and allow to dry. Then apply black painters tape to form the handle design as shown in the image.


Recommendation for fluorescent paint

For the ultimate Fluorescent effect/brightness, apply a layer of white paint prior to the colour.  As was done for these swords, you can then finish with gloss varnish. Ensure compatibility of the products you are using by choosing them from the same range/base product e.g. Fluorescent is Acrylic based and so is the varnish we used.