One of the main objectives of Novasol Spray is to publicize spray paints. We prefer not to display products in a glass case, but to show what you can do with them. We believe that the best way to do this is by what we call “Pinty Plus Events” in retail outlets .

Without going any further, a few days ago this took place in Vila-real (Castellón). This time Mari Luz from Bricoydeco transformed furniture and objects, as you will be able to see below.

We demonstrated the Pintyplus Evolution range.


As well as the Pintyplus chalk spray paint range and varnishes, primers and chrome effect paints from our Pinty Plus Art & Craft line of products.


During the day customers who visited the store could see how to customize some common objects.

Renewing a suitcase

As an example, a rigid suitcase was painted by Mari Luz. Originally it was fuchsia but its owner did not quite like it . Firstly, ait was coated with a layer of Pinty Plus Tech Primer for Plastics to aid adhesion. After waiting about 15 minutes for it to dry, Pintyplus Evolution metallic red spray paint was applied.


With a single can the entire suitcase was transformed from a garish fuchsia to a beautiful metallic red.

Paint a glass carafe

After applying a layer of Pinty Plus Universal Primer to a glass carafe and waiting about an hour, we applied silver Chrome-effect spray paint to provide a metallized appearance. On seeing the end result, it was difficult to imagine that it was a glass item!


Pickling effect on nest tables

After the carafe project, it was time to address the three classic style nesting tables. Although we don’t have the image of what they were like before, we can assure you that they looked tired, worn and chipped.

The first thing we did was to lightly sand the surface to ensure a better grip. Then, a first layer was applied of chalk spray paint in lead black. After about 30 minutes, a second coat of paint was applied, this time the chalk colour off – white was applied. Finally, some areas were sanded to reveal the black background colour. It is the easiest way to create the pickling effect that gives it the vintage look. To protect the result we applied Pinty Plus water-based matte varnish (aerosol).


The Pickling effect was also used on a wooden console table. After applying a layer of chalk spray paint in mint green and sanding some areas, a more updated look was achieved.


Surprisingly, a marbled effect can also be created on wood using the chalk spray paints. On this occasion, a marbling effect on a wooden box was demonstrated using the colours; Chalk stone, off-white and indigo blue.


It is amazing that in just a few hours many different objects and items of furniture can be customized and given a new lease of life. You can see here that with Pinty Plus spray paint it is not only possible to renew items, but also to achieve spectacular results.

Why Hold Pintyplus Events?

Spray paint has for a long time been rated as a complimentary or secondary option and we want to change this vision. Spray painting is a tool that alone deserves all the glory as a main source of coating and the self-importance of a stand-alone product. Fortunately the trend is changing and there are many who now choose to use the spray format as standard. The advantages are undeniable, but sometimes unknown. Spray paint, besides being an indispensable business tool in maintenance workshops or DIY, it is an ideal tool to have at home. With shows and events such as this one, we aim to distribute the knowledge and extend the reality…


What are Pinty Plus Events?

The events we do in stores are usually in the form of a demonstration. They are open to the general public without having to reserve a place or to confirm attendance. Throughout the day we perform demonstrations that can be targeted to what the public demands at that time. They paint different objects in real time to revive them or give them a new look. Usually employees and customers of the store are able to bring old objects to paint with assistance and take them back home renewed. We painted everything from microwave ovens or refrigerators, to plastic chairs, wood or Formica, nightstands or old drawers. Also, decorative elements such as glass vases, photo frames or small objects that be decorated with different techniques.

It is a great way to show how you can paint any object, that anyone can do it and also that it can be achieved in a moment.