Shake and paint!

Ona 1

It’s super easy with Pinty Plus, because it makes light work of both smooth surfaces and those with reliefs, crevices or recesses. Are you still of painting with a brush?

Ona 2

Have fun with colour you can trust, combining textures & materials.

Discover your world of Pinty Plus.

Ona 3

Awaken your creative side and see what happens.

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Novasol Spray are dedicated in body and soul to the world of spray paint. Through it we have live and learnt for over 30 years. We develop new products and applications, innovate and improve products and systems providing value to our consumers. We have overcome legislative changes, credit and material restrictions, and countless obstacles like all businesses. But painting has always been the star around which everything revolves. It’s our way of life and reason behind what we do. Nobody else knows about spray paints the way we do and that is the essence of Novasol spray for the future.