Are you looking for an original touch to decorate your home? Then you can not miss this example of a decorative feature using spray paint and a glass dome to.

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This original DIY idea comes to us from our friend Koral Factory Imagination. You will see how he manages to transform a simple glass display dome into a beautiful decorative element for the home.Locked inside the dome are delicate handmade geometric shapes which have been painted with spray paint.

It is certainly an idea that inspires different combinations, as you can arrange different objects or figures inside in various colour combinations. Moreover, it is ideal as a decorative object for a living room or centerpiece on a table.

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These are the materials you’ll need to make this DIY decorating projectt:

  • Bell jar/display dome
  • Geometric figures or Christmas balls
  • Spray paint; Pintyplus Chalk in assorted colours
  • Gold spray paint; Chrome effect
  • Wooden base
  • Glue
  • Drill or punch
  • Putty
  • Skewer sticks

Step by Step

Creating this nice detail of geometric decoration is very simple, as you can see below.

Preparing the base of the dome

First, using a small drill or punch, make five holes on the wooden base as shown.

Then the wooden base attaches to the lid and is painted with the colour that we like chalk paint spray. Koral chose gray ash Chalk paint range.

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Paint the geometric objects

To decorate the metal objects with spray paint it is important to follow these steps:

  • Take a skewer stick and attach the object to be painted with some putty.
  • Holding the stick at one end, coat the object with spray paint whilst turning it. Thus you will make ensure you spread the paint evenly and without spraying yourself.
  • Place each stick inside the holes you created on the base and secure it with a little adhesive.
  • After following these steps you will have succeeded in creating your bell decorated with geometric inspiration spray paint.

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After following these steps you will have succeeded in creating your decorative dome with geometric inspiration and spray paint.

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This DIY project will look stunning virtually anywhere, giving style and personality to your home decor.