Today we show you the transformation of a small office by Bricoydeco. We wanted to highlight the new wall colour by decorating it with several clocks decorated with Pinty Plus Tech Stainless Steel spray paint. Here we provide step-by-step instructions on how to convert a plastic wall clock into one that looks like stainless steel by simply using spray paint.

Clockwork 1

The stainless steel spray is ideal to give a new life to old appliances. It provides the elegant and modern stainless steel look and has the advantage that it prevents oxidation. Due to it’s good adhesion, it can be applied to virtually any surface, such as plastic, which is the material these clocks are made of. The surface simply needs to be clean and dry before applying the paint.

Clockwork 2
Mari Luz from Bricoydeco wanted to add a decorative touch to the office and came up with the idea of using several clocks to indicate the time in different cities. But on the other hand, was looking for a low cost option,

For this reason he chose to buy four clocks with white plastic frame rather than those with a stainless steel frame (which were over 6 times as expensive) and paint spray Pinty Plus Tech Stainless Steel spray paint. Thus improving their appearance and giving the metallic effect that looks good on this type of clock.

The first thing he did was protect the entire inner contour of the frame with masking tape. To do this he placed the masking tape around the inner circumference and removed the excess with a cutter.

Clockwork 3

Then he protected the clock-face with a piece of cardboard.

Clockwork 4

After shaking the stainless spray for a few minutes, he proceeded to spray the paint over the entire surface.

Clockwork 5
Keep in mind that to get a good result you should maintain a distance of about 30 centimeters and avoid tipping the can too, this prevents dripping.

Also, removing the masking tape while the paint is still wet gives a better edge.

See the video tutorial here.

Clockwork 6

After about 30 minutes the paint is dry to the touch. The following image shows in detail the metallic finish of the stainless steel spray on plastic.

Clockwork 7

No doubt, after applying the stainless steel paint, the clock looks more attractive and expensive, offering the style required for the finishing touch to this office space.

Clockwork 8