“The Best is Yet to Come” is a nice thought to brighten each day. We all need positive encouragement with messages like this, especially at this time of year. Here Masni Dekóració proposes to paint a glass bottle with Pinty Plus Chalk spray paint to highlight this message.

glass jar 1


glass jar 2

Wash the bottle/jar thoroughly first, we put it in the dishwasher twice as it was quite dirty.

Once dry you can proceed with painting. You can paint directly onto the glass with Pinty Plus chalk paint for a quick transformation. For even better grip of the paint to the glass, you can give an initial layer of Pinty Plus Universal Primer. As this item is purely decorative we did not worry about using primer, as it would not be handled much.

We used a couple of layers of Chalk paint, waiting 15 minutes between coats. For better paint adhesion it is very important to apply very thin layers .

glass jar 3

Once the paint was thoroughly dry we sanded the relief design to give the required Vintage look.

Finally, we applied a coat of water-based matt varnish for protection.

When to use Primer with Chalk spray paint

When we paint an old piece of furniture we have two options. Make it look like new or conserve the beauty of the passing years .

  1. For the first option we will use a primer to give it a uniform surface, offering a barrier between the natural wood and the chalk paint.
  2. For a Shabby Chic or Vintage look, we want the wood to look really old and worn. The Chalk paint provides a porous surface so the wood “breathes” through it. In this case the imperfections of the wood are revealed, as tannins or impurities which have acquired over time (brighteners, dyes, waxes, etc.), can come to the surface.

glass jar 4

A completely different consideration is when we paint materials or objects that have little grip, like glass. In such cases a more vintage appearance is desired, but to aid adherence, we recommend using a primer. It is not essential, but is recommended, although in this post the glass was not previously treated with primer and the finish was more than satisfactory.

glass jar 5

This vintage chalk effect has allowed us to create an interesting ornamental piece, a much more appealing look than the basic glass jar. Before we transformed it, the writing did not show up very well and the white chalk paint offers a nice contrast to the berries and leaves. Chalk paint creates a soft, calming appearance to the object being decorated, allowing you to develop the style you desire in your room. We think it would make a great gift for a Birthday or Anniversary too.