Every year the Creative Madrid and Barcelona fairs are just 10 days apart, forcing us to treat them almost like one event. This year we repeat the Creative Valencia experience, where we focus more on workshops and demonstrations to present the product. Both events enlist the help of our most stalwart bloggers.

Creative Madrid

We opened the event presenting the award to the winners of Stand Challenge we launched months ago with Handbox. The goal was to design our next booth at the fair Paper World in Frankfurt at the end of January 2017. The work was so good we could only rule out a few and we decided to increase the prize to the three best adapted to what we wanted: Cristina de Mi Armario Coqueto , Mari Luz de Bricoydeco and Raul and Sandra de Panama hat will be responsible for designing three stands at three different fairs.


Visitors to our stand in Madrid were able to see firsthand a lot of techniques and styles used by our Pinty Plus bloggers. How to do the marbling technique with water and how a microwave is painted with our Pintyplus Evolution for example. We also demonstrated how to make decoupage with our removable adhesive spray, applying chalkboard paint and how to take advantage of the chalk finish to to create different effects. They are just a few examples of what we have seen between the two events.

Creative Madrid was from 20th to 23rd October and in those days saw  Inventing Yellow Brick , My Wardrobe Coqueto , Factory Imagination , Ms. Cricket,Yonolotiraría and Bricoydeco . Each with their own style, showed their generosity by revealing techniques and tricks for your DIY experience.

barcelona-16-2 barcelona-16-3

Creativa Barcelona

In Barcelona he repeated Javi de Yonolotiraria who joined Alchemy Deco , ItzidreamsSecrets Vintage  and Pat Brazil . We had a chance to see their creativity on the 3rd to 6th November at La Farga de l’Hospitalet. The novelty was the presentation of the new “Pinty Plus Can Gun applicator” which was a resounding success.



Pat Brazil joined our list of regular contributors to teach young and old to print their own POP Art onto a T-shirt. Secrets Vintage joined the team with a full restoration on the catwalk. As always, the other usual attendees had their own space in our “Be a Pintypluser” area and demonstrated their skills on the stage.


We love being with you sharing unforgettable experiences. Until next time.