The Panama hat leaves us amazed with this technique; crackle with Pinty Plus Chalk spray paint. The truth is we had attempted to create this effect before without success, but never using products from our own ranges.

Warning: it generates a healthy addiction.

To produce the crackle we will need a pot of Pinty Plus Universal Primer and a can of Chalk spray paint  .

The process is simple and looks great. In the video you’ll find at the end of this post, you will see that you need to work very fast.

First we paint the frame with Universal Primer to cover the entire surface to crackle. Wait just 30 seconds, then we paint it with chalk paint . Hey presto, the paint will begin to crack! An impressive, simple and very fast technique which can be used to decorate.




If you desire, you can give it a coat of varnish to protect the surface after 24 hours. Note that the varnish can darken the chalk paint colour a little.

If you test different colours you will see that the cracks generated vary in hue, offering a very beautiful and amazing effect.


For this project the colour red velvet has been used from the Pinty Plus Chalk Spray range.

Why the paint is cracked?

Because the drying time of the primer is significantly slower than with the chalk paint. The shock velocity of this ultra fast drying Chalk spray paint causes the crackle effect when combined with the base coat of Universal Primer.


The crackle

The crackle appears in old paintings gradually due to the passage of time. The various layers that make up the picture dehydrate at different speeds generating cracks.

Crackle technique is precisely to recreate this phenomenon by accelerating the process of “aging”. It is used in furniture and paintings to provide them with originality.