If you need a simple, effective and fast transformation of your Formica kitchen cupboards we have the answer. Today we take a restoration project by Secrets Vintage who explain how to paint Formica kitchen with Pinty Plus spray paint. This Formica kitchen of 30 years old provided a welcome challenge.

Here’s the before and after photos showing the striking change in style that the new finish gives the kitchen.


Necessary materials:

How to Paint Formica


Sand – First thing we do is to sand the surface to be painted. We recommend using an electric hand sander because it can be near impossible otherwise. Then we clean the surface to remove sanding residue with a damp cloth and wait until dry.

Apply primer  – Once clean and dry, apply a coat of Universal Primer. This ensures the adhesion of the paint.

Paint – wait 1 hour for the primer to dry and then paint with acrylic Pinty Plus Evolution . As always, a fine and overlapping layers.


How much paint will you need?

For this kitchen we used three spray cans of Universal Primer and 6 Pinty Plus Evolution Stone Grey.


Keep in mind that if the furniture is made from a material other than Formica, you can paint without the need for the primer paint, simply clean thoroughly and allow to dry before painting.

To find out if your kitchen furniture requires a primer, just do a little test on an inconspicuous area (such as on the inside of a drawer).

A very cost effective option wouldn’t you say?!