The Bricomanía team taught us how to restore and update this old piece of furniture using the Pop Art style, as well as sorting out some Woodworm issues. The idea was to use fluorescent spray paint to create a stand-out item for the room.

Before starting it is a good idea to study the project and plan the work. The wood was very old, full of woodworm and darkened by the passing years.Therefore they needed to prepare the furniture and surface thoroughly. Todo this they needed to do three things:

  1. Remove woodworm . To do this they followed the instructions of a common woodworm treatment. They applied the product and wrapped it in plastic, to allow it to do it’s work.
  2. Sand the surface to try to remove the evidence of woodworm and products that had accumulated over time such as dyes, varnishes, waxes or brighteners that can be present. It is important to remove these residues for the paint to adhere properly.
  3. Apply a base layer of white to provide a good foundation for the colour, so as to keep it’s brightness.

With a fine grit sandpaper they lightly sanded the surface to be painted. Then with the help of a cloth and white spirit, they cleaned the surface.


As planned, to increase the brightness of the fluorescent paint, they gave a layer of  white Pintyplus 9010 Evolution. As always they shook the can for one minute after the balls sound and then they painted thin, overlapping layers. The first coats will appear patchy but don’t worry, as you will gradually build up a solid layer.


At 15 minutes, with the white layer totally dry, they painted the final fluorescent colour. For this they used the fluorescent red aerosol spray from the Evolution range.


Don’t forget inside the drawers!


A bold statement for the room, a real eye catcher.

Pop Style Decor

The Pop style or Pop Art recalls the Pop Era of the 1950’s in which Andy Warhol produced portraits that never go out of fashion. It was to reflect elements of popular culture and to move away from classical art mixing colours. The Pop style is synonymous with colours, freshness and contrast, offering a mixture of very vivid and bright colours with Retro and Modern elements and bold contrasts.

Samples of this style made by Pat Brazil for Pop Art Barcelona :