Ale Arana shows you how to customize your mouse mat for a modern look for your office desk.



Pinty Plus Chalk Spray paint

3 colours of Pinty Plus Evolution Spray paint

Pinty Plus Water-based Varnish

Baking tray or similar


Mouse Mat

marbled-mat-3 marbled-mat-4

Firstly, wipe over the mat to remove any dust or dirt. Spray a base color such as Chalk paint in Broken White as used here or from the Evolution range of spray paints if you prefer. Let this layer dry.

marbled-mat-6 marbled-mat-7

Cover the baking tray with foil to protect it. Fill with water to approximately 3cm deep. Spray the three colours randomly in the water. You might wish to swirl them gently with a tooth pick. The paint dries rapidly, so quickly dip the top of your mat into it and wait a few seconds. Take it out and allow to dry thoroughly.


We then coated it with varnish from the Pinty Plus Art range (matt, satin or gloss available) to protect it.