We were invited to the Budapest DIY Christmas Decorations event on 12th and 13th October to demonstrate how to use our Pinty Plus spray paint for this purpose.


We again worked with our partners and to do the honors this time we sent our ambassador Almudena, alias Mrs. Criket , with lots of ideas and eager to show them off. We were also met by our fellow Novasol Spray Hungary with its ambassador for the day Masni Dekoració .


They were two very intense days, but otherwise super interesting. We taught old and young to decorate Christmas items with materials we have at home or are easy to find; bottles, wooden boxes, cones or bulbs among others. Here you can see some examples.

diy-show-budapest-2 diy-show-budapest-3

We collected natural items and used them in creating designs for Christmas. The process of painting glass bottles with Chalk Paint was demonstrated during the show.


Sanding a stencilled plaque to create an aged effect.


Vintage box decorated during the show.

The aim of the events in which we participate is to show the possibilities and the advantages of the spray format. They are therefore 100% training events and totally free. In them we’re simply providing our visitors with knowledge and ideas. We teach them to renew objects, new techniques and use our aerosols most effectively and efficiently. These events can be demonstrative workshops but can be adapted to suit the location and audience. With always have an expert blogger on hand to answer any questions you may have about the product or techniques.