Chalk Spray paint accompanied with Pintyplus Tech Special Primer for Plastics is the perfect combination for transforming these rather ugly but extremely useful plastic crates.

It makes light work of creating your decorative storage boxes to organize your items. Imagine if you had to paint them by hand with a brush!



To prepare, simply clean the surface and dry thoroughly. Spray with Special Primer for Plastics to aid adhesion and therefore the durability of the coating on this surface, before applying light coats of your chosen Chalk paint colour. Once dry you can wipe with a damp cloth to remove excess  chalk particles from the surface and allow to dry.

You can also finish with Pintyplus Water-based Varnish (matte finish) for extra protection from scratches and stains if you wish, but this will alter the texture of the paint slightly.


The beautiful velvety texture of the Chalk paint offers a soft look to these standard storage solutions, making them more visually appealing for home or office use. However, you could use Pintyplus Basic or Evolution ranges as an alternative. They are by contrast Solvent based and therefore more scuff resistant by nature. However, we chose Chalk paint for it’s lovely texture and unique colour range.


In this  tutorial we echo a post by Laura of My First Sewing Machine in showing us how to paint plastic boxes with Pintyplus Chalk Spray paint.