We are lovers of reviving furniture and most of all reinventing it. This classic bedside table got a Pinty Plus transformation with the help of Chalk spray paint in blue indigo and a rustic effect.



To give a touch of colour to a bedroom, so we concentrated on the two bedside cabinets. The owner of the cabinets wanted to keep the traditional feel of the furniture whilst covering the original wood. They loved the blue indigo colour, so we decided to use a two-layered paint technique to create a soft, worn, vintage feel.



Pinty Plus Chalk Spray Paint in Black and Blue Indigo

Water-based Pinty Plus Art & Craft Varnish

Sandpaper both coarse and fine grade

A damp cloth

Bedside Cabinet / Wood furniture



Remove the drawer and unscrew the guide rails / runners and remove. In order to remove andy oils, polishes and dyes from the surface, completely sand the surface and wipe with a damp cloth to remove the dust that is created.



Use Pinty Plus Chalk Spray Paint in Black Plum. Shake the can for one minute from when you hear the sound of the mixing balls. We painted in cross layers from top to bottom and left to right. Allow to dry for approximately 15 minutes.



Using the Chalk Spray Paint in Indigo Blue, follow the same procedure as the base layer, covering over all of the black. Allow to dry.



This is perhaps the most therapeutic part of the whole process. With fine grade sandpaper, rub the edges and reliefs of the bedside table until the black layer and a little of the wood appear through the surface. It is best to approach this task calmly and gently, playing with direction and pressure to achieve the effect you desire, focusing on specific areas such as corners and details, as shown in the above image. Then wipe over with a damp cloth to remove the dust particles that have been created by sanding.



It is advisable to wait 24 hours before applying the water-based varnish. Pinty Plus Chalk paint is made of waterborne resins, therefore the varnish must also be water-based to be compatible with it. For this project we used Pinty Plus Water Based Art & Craft Varnish with a matte finish. As always, shake the can well and apply using cross layers. If you have varnish left in the tin, turn it upside down and press until only gas come out, to ensure it is ready for next time you use it.


The varnish protects the painted surface, making it more durable and easier to clean.

We hope you like the finished effect and that you now feel confident to translate the technique onto your own furniture, in your choice of beautiful Chalk Paint colours to enhance your interior.