Today we offer you a simple DIY project to customize your own map of the world for a child ‘s room or your work area. Using a printed world map as a template, you can make your own stylish or fun map on cork with spray paint.

For this craft project Itziar de Itzidreams chose to use Pinty Plus Tech Forge paint in black, but other colours are available and you could use multi-coloured thumbtacks for a more fun effect if you wish.

The materials:


For the map, Itziar purchased a printed map of Europe. You can also download one from the web and print it at home, but if thin paper is used, there might be some paint that bleeds through the paper.

Then we cut out the areas of water, leaving just the land areas for us to use. You need patience for this part, because the maps have lots of details which you should aim to keep, as this gives you the best result.


Once cut out, apply adhesive on the back of the map and waite for about 3-4 minutes before pressing it into position on the cork board. If you have not applied enough adhesive or waited the correct amount of time, the map will start to lift off the surface. It is especially important to ensure that the edges of the map are firmly stuck, to prevent the paint from seeping underneath.


Remember to shake the can vigorously for 1 minute after hearing the balls inside move. This step is very important for Forge paint, because the concentrate is very heavy and tends to settle in the bottom of the can. Then you can paint away happily, preferably in thin layers, moving fairly quickly across the cork.


You are now ready to remove the map template. You can do this after a few minutes without waiting for the paint to dry completely if you wish.


Then simply add the thumbtacks to your desired locations, perhaps where you have visited in the past of where you would like to visit in the future.


About Forge Paint:

Pinty Plus Tech Forge Paint was initially created for maintenance work outdoors. It wis similar to wrought iron in it’s finish and is ideal for painting railings, fences and outdoor structures made of iron. There is also a compatible primer available, because this is an essential requirement for that use. Over time we realized the versatility of this paint and that it could be used to simulate wrought iron on countless materials. A plastic pot for example can become a piece of ironwork in a few seconds and the same can be said of a glass vase or a brass candlestick.

With new red, green and blue Forge spray paint available you can do real wonders. There are endless possibilities for it’s use and it opens new avenues for the decorative sector, as well as for maintenance.

We leave you with the video tutorial;