On occasion we have been asked what the differences are between Gesso and other primers. Gesso is commonly used in the world of Crafts and Fine Arts. It works as a preparation for the surface to be painted, in order to be able to manipulate the paint and so that less paint is used.

Gesso is usually applied with a brush, but as with all our products, we provide it in a spray can, making it quicker and easier to apply and with a very even finish.

Gesso turns any surface into a canvas and in spray form it is easy to apply it to any shape or size, forming a non-porous base for your work.

Apart from the regular surfaces it is used on, papier mache and cardboard, it can also be used on wood, plywood, concrete and clay for example.


Gesso Primer in a spray can makes life much easier when applying on curves, crevices and folds. As with any spray paint, you simply shake vigorously, paint overlapping layers and when finished, reverse the can and press until only gas comes out (in order to prevent the nozzle from clogging) and ensures it is ready for use next time.

The maximum drying time is 30 minutes, before you can begin to paint over it.

The great thing about Gesso is that if you paint something wrong, you can wash it off with soap and water within the first few minutes, which also gives you time to manipulate the paint and create the effect you desire.

You can test how well it grips even on glass, as demonstrated during the DIY show in Madrid 2014, purely for decorative use.


Differences between traditional Gesso and Gesso Spray:

The first is that the Gesso Spray does not add volume.  It provides a thin layer that does not give you the opportunity to create reliefs, quite the contrary in fact. It actually retains the original shape of the surface, for example on wooden tablets, coated paper shapes, figures of papier mache, clay or any decorative object you want to paint.

The other difference is that you can not mix the spray version with other paints to achieve different colours . The Pintyplus Gesso is WHITE, so to obtain another colour background you will have to paint over it.

The third difference is that the application of Gesso spray is infinitely faster than traditional Gesso. In addition to rapid application, it eliminates the need to smooth with a spatula.

We invite you to try it and tell us what you think. How do you use Gesso Spray and what is your experience of it? We are all ears!

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