Creating an Industrial-style piece is simple when you follow this tutorial by Brioydeco (using Pintyplus Tech Forge paint in three colours). We hope you enjoy it.


“We show you how to simulate a rusted effect with spray paint on any surface in a short space of time, without using primer or preparation.”

The materials you’ll need are:

forge-paint-letter2 forge-paint-letter-3

Firstly paint the letter with Pintyplus Tech Forge Blue spray paint


Then sprinkle a little salt onto areas of the surface whilst the paint is still wet and leave to dry (for about one hour).


Now paint over with Forge green spray paint, not as a solid layer, but allow some areas of paint over the salt to build up into a thick layer.

forge-paint-letter6 forge-paint-letter7

Then use a scrunched up plastic bag to create more texture on the surface and distribute the paint. This further enhances the rusted effect.


Finally, once the green paint is dry, spray sparingly with the red Forge paint to complete the effect.

forge-paint-letter9 forge-paint-letter10

Success. You will have created your rusted effect piece to proudly display.


You can apply this technique on many materials such as cardboard, wood, glass and metal. On metal, forge paint will act as protection from actual corrosion.


You can also view a video tutorial of this project.