The idea of transforming a door on a blackboard brings is brought to us by SecretsVintage from his workshop in La Bisbal del Penedes in Spain. From there they work on old furniture and objects, transforming them into unique and customized peices, giving them a new use. Our spray paints and primers are part of their everyday tools.

This time they used Pintyplus Art Blackboard spray paint   to give a new use to a door that had by chance just arrived at the shop. His unconventional measures made them think in a different use than it was.

This was the door before and after transformation:

To start with they hand painted and aged the wood with Pintyplus Chalk spray paint. In this instance we will skip this stage as it has been explained in other tutorials. You can see it in 5 ways of getting older objects with spray paint .

The process is very simple: Clean the surface and protect what you dont want to paint. Shake the spray can and work up and across in layers.

Remove the protection while the paint is still drying.

Door transformed into slate

Apply several layers for greater resistance. We recommend giving at least three to have a good thickness; then wait 24 to 48 hours



Last Step – Invert the Spray

If you have some spray left in the can and you are not going to use for a while, you should invert the spray and press until only gas comes out. This is how we clean the duct so that there is no paint inside. When we invert the pot and press, we are driving the gas out without paint. This step will prevent clogging spray making it ready for the next time.

Spray paint slate pintyplus