Today we bring you a lovely idea from the Roco on My Sofa Blog, where they show you how to create an aged coloured wood effect using Pintyplus Chalk Spray paint.

plant boxes 1

This is a two-layered technique which is widely used. Simply spray a base coat of Chestnut Brown Chalk Paint and allow to dry.

Plant boxes 2

Plant boxes 3

Then Irla painted each box a different colour of Chalk Spray Paint: Mint Green, Rose Garden and Broken White.

Plant boxes 5

Once the top coat of colour is thoroughly dry, sand the areas where you want to reveal the brown undercoat, using fine grade sandpaper. (Alternatively, you can use your finger to remove some areas of the topcoat colour before it dries).

Plant boxes 6

Then we created some stencils using designs off the internet on thin card. If you do not have adhesive backed card, you can use removable Pintyplus Art & Craft Adhesive . It is best to stick the stencil to the surface of the wood to give a more defined edge to the design, without excess bleeding of the paint under the stencil.

Plant boxes 7

Once adhered, spray over the stencil with black paint such as Pintyplus Evolution Matt. Remember to spray it at a distance and without applying too much paint (to avoid bleeding and runs).

Plant boxes 8

Very effective don’t you think?! Be inspired…

Three lovely planters ideal for your conservatory and with the added satisfaction that you created them yourself.