Tool Organiser

Does your shed look like this? Here is how to get it looking organised…

Tool Organiser 3

Take two lengths of wood cut to size and sand/clean if required. Choose a colour from the Pinty Plus Evolution Range, shake the can thoroughly and spray the wood. You can cover a large area in a short time with this spray paint.

Tool Organiser 4

Once dry (approx 15 minutes), nail them to your shed as shown.

Tool Organiser 5

Cut Plastic pipe into 15cm lengths, sand the rough edges and spray with Plastic Primer for extra durability.

Tool Organiser 6

Then spray with Pintyplus Evolution in your choice of colour. It is very important to shake the can thoroughly first.

Tool Organiser 7

Screw them to the wood, evenly spaced as shown below.

Tool Organiser 8

Much tidier, no clutter and room for more in your shed.

Source  Stéphanie Bricole