Here is an example from Xanela Vintage, that shows us how to renovate the legs of an old Sigma using a range of aerosol products. The Greenox Paint Stripper, Pinty Plus Tech Ferric Primer and Evolution Light Ivory Acrylic paint.

decpado and spray painted

The first thing to do is to prepare the surface. Some parts of the legs of the old sewing machine were chipped  so required immediate intervention with spray paint stripper Greenox . This product is applied very easily, simply spray the piece, leave a few minutes, and then wipe away with a cloth. If it doesn’t all go the first time, try again just leaving it on for longer.

pickled and painted

Then clean thoroughly with soap and water and when dry give a layer of primer Ferric the Pintyplus Tech range , preferably white.

white primer pintyplus

Once that is dry, proceed with the final painted with Ivory Light range Pintyplus Evolution .

stripping and spray-painting

Thanks Xanela Vintage!