Laura created this wonderful pallet bedroom painted with Pintyplus Evolution for challenge Novasol organized by handbox. She came away with the “Deserved Award” which was not for originality, but the style, image and execution of the whole project, which tipped the balance against other projects that were also amazing in their own right. Here is the process Laura used for creating it;

Pallet bed1

It’s worth taking the time to plan your approach and even draw an outline of what you want. Laura arranged the pallets on the floor to get an idea of where each piece should go. Then she marked the pallets to be cut and sanded the wood, which is very important to make them more pleasant to the touch and to prevent the mattress or blankets from being damaged.

Pallet bed 4

For styling, Laura combined the natural wood colour with a medium gray spray paint from the Pintyplus Evolution range,  topped with a layer of Pintyplus Matte Varnish as final protection.

Pallet bed 3Pallet bed2

What a great way to create style in your bedroom whether on a small budget or just because you love upcycling! How about a Pallet Sofa too?

Pallet bed1

Source My First Sewing Machine