Necessary material:

The project idea was to give a smooth coat of paint, but not to completely cover the original design on the box, and finish with floral patterns.We echo a post blog of Rosa Montesa Recycling Creativo in which tells how to decorate a box of fruit with spray paint.

Rosa explains that they had never used templates in their recycling projects, but a friend gave them one with drawings of flowers (and was testing with different types of paint on various surfaces and reaching a very important conclusion: templates must adhere to the object while you are working with them to keep them from moving. In the case of spray paint it is even more important that the paint does not drip off.

This solution is the Pintyplus Repositionable, Removeable Spray Adhesive .  It is therefore a removable adhesive that allows us to glue, paint and we take off without leaving adhesive residue on the surface.

Shake spray Pintyplus Aqua , in this case white, and spray on the box in thin layers. Do not completely cover the original design (unless you choose to) and wait until dry.

Caja-de-frutas-con-pintura-en-spray-2 (3)

Apply spray adhesive removable Pintyplus Art & Craft to the back of the template and position it onto the box. Use a paint brush to apply the paint onto the stencil design area . You could spray it, but as we say, sometimes we like to enjoy the brush, but either method gives a nice effect.


We really like the result. Rosa Thank you for letting us see a bit of your creativity.