Play at being Medusa from Greek mythology by turning an object into stone! Itziar from ItziDreams shows us how it’s done. You only need an object and three colours of Pintyplus Chalk Paint Spray paint; ash grey, white & black.

Here is the step by step guide :


First of all clean the entire surface to prevent any impurities or dirt from the object which could prevent paint adhesion. You can use rubbing alcohol or ammonia for example.

As with any paint, if painting onto a metal surface that can oxidize, we would apply a primer to prevent corrosion. For this we have the iron Priming Pintyplus Tech . If you are going to paint onto a plastic surface that will receive wear & tear every day, we recommend putting a coat of our primer for plastic spray  from the Pintyplus Tech range. If it is a purely decorative piece it is not necessary to use any primer.

Give a layer of Ash Grey Chalk paint as a base. Then a very light spray of Off-White, allowing droplets to fall randomly on the surface before repeating the process with the black spray. In the same way that cement’s grey tones vary, the proportion of each colour may also vary.

Allow to dry.


It’s that simple to change the visual surface effect of a decorative object, so that it appears to be made of stone/cement. What a stunning piece of art it creates for your home.

We recommend doing a test piece to perfect your technique before embarking on your chosen object.