Painting your microwave is so easy with Pintyplus Evolution aerosol paint. There is no brushing, mixing and you get a professional finish in record time and at very little cost. Mari Luz has chosen Matt Black paint to show you how it’s done.

Microwave 1

Clean the entire surface with rubbing alcohol to remove traces of dirt, grease and cleaning products. This is a very important step, as any deposits left on the surface can interfere with good paint adhesion.

Microwave 2

Mask/cover the areas not to be painted such as the glass and logo badge.

Microwave 3

Shake the spray bottle for a couple of minutes and then begin spraying. It is best to apply several thin layers continuously around the microwave to avoid drips.

Microwave 4Microwave 5

Once painting is complete remove the masking tape whilst the paint is still wet, to avoid lifting the edge of the paint and create an uneven edge. Pintyplus Evolution is quick drying, so remove the masking tape as soon as you finish spraying.

Microwave 6

The control dials have been cut from two circles of vinyl with an aluminium effect, with the functions stuck on with black vinyl to show the microwave functions. Remove the backing and stick them around the dials. It looks as good as new!

Microwave 7

It is recommended that you use the microwave a few times to simply heat up a container of water and ventilate the room well, to ensure there is no trace of solvent left.

(We do not recommend painting the inside of the microwave due to hygiene reasons).