We present a post in which Ainhoa, window dresser and creator of the blog EVDAE, teaches us “how to paint glass bottles with spray Pintyplus Evolution“, this time with three colors that combine well.

The first thing we do is thoroughly clean the object. This is vital before painting and in the case of a glass or crystal object further. You can use rubbing alcohol or any other similar cleaner.

glass bottles 1

The next step is to cover the areas of the bottle or the bottle we do not want to paint. Ainhoa was inspired to create geometric shapes in three colors, so taped areas for the first color, RAL 1028 Melon Yellow range Pintyplus Evolution. To paint, always apply in thin layers and at a distance. We must at all costs avoid paint buildup, to prevent drops from forming. One tip is to always give a very subtle first coat, so to create adhesion for the following layers.

glass bottles 2

The drying time of this acrylic paint is only 15 minutes so the process is very fast. After this time, remove the masking tape and mask ready for the second color, RAL 3020 Traffic Network.

glass bottles 3

Finally we repeat the process with the RAL 9010 Pure White in the same range Pintyplus Evolution. Once dry, remove the masking tape and remove any unwanted jagged edges with a cotton wool bud dipped in alcohol/thinners.

glass bottles 4

The final image shows a collection of appealingly handmade and very charming ornaments, which would brighten any shelf or windowsill for a vibrant summery feel.

glass bottles 5

source EVDAE