Choose your tin. Here we have taken a Christmas Panettone tin and cleaned it with spirit to remove all traces of oil and dirt.

original tin

Next we applied a layer of Universal Pinty Plus Art Primer to both the lid and base to aid adhesion and prevent oxidation (it may not completely hide the original design on the tin).

Tin and Primer

After the Primer has been allowed to dry for 24 hours it can be painted with the Chalk Spray Paint (we used Broken White). Apply thin layers continuously until a solid colour is achieved (without waiting for each coat to dry). However, do not overload with too much paint. You will find it has good coverage.

Tin and chalk paint

The base of the tin was painted with turquoise Chalk Spray Paint and a red gingham ribbon tied around it.

Tin cut out stars

We then cut out adhesive stars and placed them randomly on the lid before spraying with Chalk Spray Paint in turquoise. We then removed the stars using tweezers.

tin lid

The knob handle was then painted with Pinty Plus Evolution red (whilst protecting the rest of the lid).

finished tin painted

Thanks to Mari Luz for this fantastic design!