Firstly check whether the original paintwork is damaged. If so, remove it with Greenox Stripper (apply, leave for a few minutes and wipe off). If the original paint is sound, simply clean with spirit (for example) and allow to dry

metal stool 1

To prevent oxidation apply a coat of Pinty Plus Tech Ferric Primer in white or grey and allow to dry for 24 hours if possible.

painted stool 2

Apply the colour you require from the Pinty Plus Evolution range. The picture shows metallic black and you can see the perfect finish that the spray paint gives.

painted stool 4a

Once painted allow to dry for 15 minutes (under normal humidity and temperature the paint will be completely dry, but leave for longer if necessary). For greater resistance to wear and tear you can apply Pinty Plus Evolution Varnish if you wish, but this is not essential. Tip: Always use the same range varnish to avoid compatibilities.

painted stool 4

Thank you to Tuki & Apple for this creative idea.