If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll know that I’m quite a fan of chalk paint and the furniture makeovers you can do with it. So, it’s probably no surprise that when I was offered the chance to try out chalk paint in a spray can I was rather quick to say yes!

Pinty Plus chalk paint is sold in the UK by novasolspray.co.uk and until I was offered the review, I’d never come across it. Spray paint has many advantages and I thought it would be perfect for making over some wicker furniture in time for the summer. Doing this kind of furniture with a brush is tricky and often results in a rather messy finish as paint pools in the small gaps in the design.

Pinty Plus comes in 18 colours in 400ml aerosol cans which cover 2 m2. I chose pale turquoise for my makeover and picked up a bargain broken wicker chair in our local antiques place for £5.

pale turquoise pinty plus chalk paint:

We fixed the chair with some garden wire and I spent a lovely hour in the garden giving it two coats of paint and a top coat of spray varnish. You can see the whole process in the video in the tutorial section.

The paint was incredibly quick to apply and is touch dry in 20 minutes. It was rather windy in our garden on the day I did it (as you’ll see in the video!) which probably didn’t make best use of the paint, but the two cans I used gave it a good finish.



Our garden wire repair (which you can see in the first close up above) worked really well and my mum actually ended up spending most of Easter Sunday sitting on it…without incident! (That would have been embarrassing if the repair hadn’t held!) I added some lovely cushions in spring colours from House Of Fraser as a final touch.

The paint starts at £11.50 a tin with discounts for multiple purchases so it is more expensive than Annie Sloan, but also much easier and faster to apply. I much prefer the even finish it gives and will definitely be buying more cans in the future.