polystyrene ball light 1

In this tutorial Javi of Yonolotiraria teaches us how to make a stylish feature of a simple light using polystyrene balls and Pintyplus Chalk Paint Spray. The beauty of making your own is that you save yourself some pennies and you can use the colours best suited to your decor. Because halk Paint is water-based it is ideal for spraying Polystyrene.

Materials required;

  • Chalk Spray Paint
  • Different size polystyrene balls (found in craft stores)
  • Ceiling Lamp Wiring Kit (sold in hardware & lighting stores)
  • Long sticks (such as kebeb skewers or a pencil)

polystyrene ball light spike

Spike the balls with the skewer/pencil to create a tunnel for the wires to run through. Leave the stick in to make spraying easier.

polystyrene ball light spraypolystyrene ball light drying

Spray with Chalk paint. It is completely respectful of the polystyrene¬†being sprayed and will not damage it. Allow it to dry for a few minutes without it touching the other balls, then place in a jar to completely dry. The effect of the paint gives the illusion of wood or stone depending on the colour, nobody will know it’s polystyrene!

polystyrene ball light re

You can also paint the ceiling cap and trims. Insert the wire into the balls in sequence until you have the desired length and assemble the light.

polystyrene ball light

Simple, fun and effective design.