miniature doors

All you need to let your imagination run free with these fairy-size doors is;

  • 10 lolly sticks or similar (can usually be found in a craft store or pharmacy)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pinty Plus Chalk Spray Paint
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Natural wooden dowel (for the ladder)
  • Wooden kebab skewer or thin wooden dowel (for fixing the door to the frame)

miniature doors2

Firstly, cut off the curved end of four Lolly sticks, ensuring they are the same length.

Secondly, cut two Lolly sticks as reinforcing bars and glue them onto the back of the door as shown in the photos.

Thirdly, take four Lolly sticks and cut to size for the frame, drilling a small hole in the top and bottom one (for the cocktail stick) and ensure they are in-line with one another.

Cut the wooden kebab skewer to size and join it to the back of the door (sharp ends cut off) using the hot glue gun and place the cocktail stick through the holes before gluing the frame together.

Finally, apply Chalk paint in your chosen colour by rubbing the wet paint onto the wood with your finger. This creates a distressed look rather than a solid colour.

miniature doors3

miniature doors4miniature doors5

Add a door handle (you could use a drawing pin) and miniature sign and arch above the door if you wish.

We have added a little ladder for effect! Simply cut the wooden dowel to size and glue together. This could be waxed or painted with Chalk paint.

miniature doors6