It seems very obvious, but we felt it was a good idea to show you, in basic simple steps how to use our spray paint.

As you will see it’s really simple to make the most of using our painting quickly and cleanly.

Why Use Spray Paint

Spray paint has many advantages, mainly it’s ease of application and the practicality of not having to use cleaning brushes or rollers. Our Evolution and Chalk Paints are also very fast drying.

The basic steps for its use are:

1. Shaking

Before getting down to work it is vital that shake the can up and down, vigorously, for at least a minute. You should hear the sound of a ball moving inside.



The balls are made of steel, are small and serve to mix the pigment that has settled over time.


2. How far away should you spray from?

The ideal is about 25 cm (10 in), keeping the can almost parallel to the surface to be painted.

You should push the nozzle in a uniform way. It is best to move from left to right and top to bottom trying to keep it even distributed ofer the complete paint surface.


3. Purging / Cleaning

Finally we have to purge the spray, i.e., press the nozzle of the can upside down until what is expelled is just gas. This cleans the duct and the nozzle and enables the reuse of any excess paint left in the can for another time.