One of the hobbies of Anne Charriere is to renovate old furniture, amongst other activities. This time it was the turn of a metal table from her garden. she thought she would use our acrylic spray paint Pintyplus Evolution. One of the qualities of this paint is it is one of the world’s fastest-drying.

As the table was in a good condition, with no corrosion or chipping, the sanding step was skipped. She simply wiped off the dust and protected the area so as not to stain the floor.

This was the appearance of the iron table before painting.
iron table with spray paint
For this table she chose a dusty pink and pure white Range Evolution Pintyplus . For the table legs, she used Pintyplus Tech Forge gray to protect them from the soil moisture (This is also available in black). By adding the ultra matte finish of the forge spray, it also protects the table from rust and corrosion.

Using masking tape, she covered areas that she did not want to paint with the first coat of paint and started painting, as always, with thin layers.

iron table with six spray paint

iron table with four spray paint