Take a Couple of Old Chairs…

In this post the creator of Offbeat Celebration shows us how to restore chairs with Pinty Plus Chalk Paint spray . The amazing thing about this post is not the end product but the speed and ease with which the change in appearance was made.

chairs chalk paint paint

The old and neglected aspect of these chairs seemed to say that they required more than a coat of paint. But nothing was further from the truth. All that was needed was to sand off the peeling paint and some of the old paint to give it some surface some consistency. It was not necessary to remove all traces of the old paint, as we didn’t want the chairs to look like new, but have more of a contemporary vintage look.

chairs chalk paint Paint 1

Then, using just a single 400ml can of Pinty Plus Chalk Spray Paint, one of each colour, Chestnut Brown and Stone it was possible to cover the two chairs.

3 chairs chalk paint paint

To give the final vintage finish, the edges and reliefs were lightly sanded to reveal the original wood. Finally, we recommend the application of a layer of our Pinty Plus Art Special Water-Based Varnish Spray or a colourless furniture wax to better resist the wear often suffered by a chair.

Source: Offbeat Celebration