What to do with your boring waste paper bin

We bring you this very simple and fun idea from Paper Smiles. How to transform, a typical, serious and expressionless office waste paper bin into something a little more inviting.

The process is very simple. As always, we must first get rid of any dust and dirt, and then cover the floor with paper to avoid staining anything. For this job we used Stone coloured Pinty Plus Chalk Paint. You can apply as many layers as you want and you dont have to wait between coats. You can do it without stopping until it completely covers the original colour.

Bin DIY 2

After letting the base colour dry for about 1 hour, cover the areas you do not want to paint with circles of different sizes and mask off the base and top. Then you can apply a second colour, in our case we used the beautiful Turquoise Pinty Plus Chalk Paint from the same range. After just 1 minute, remove the stickers and masking tape.

diy paper 1

Bin diy

You see the result looks nothing like the original. Now it is fresh and inviting.