Have you ever wondered if you could paint a metal lamp? Try Pintyplus Evolution  and judge the results for yourself.

We had the pleasure of meeting the Tuki & Apple blog and the truth is that we were in awe of his work. And not only because he uses our sprays, but by the whole of his work.

lamp with spray paint

In this case it was not necessary to use a primer for two reasons. Firstly, because the lamps are not going to be handled very often and secondly because the lamps surface was in perfect condition, no rust or imperfections. What is very important is to apply a very thin layer at a safe distance of about 20 cm for a very smooth finish. When starting to spray do not be over concerned with full coverage. Instead apply slowly in thin layers until you see that it is completely covered. After waiting just 15 minutes the job is complete and you will be surprised of the outcome. spray paint lamp 6

Congratulations  & Apple Tuki !