Turn your basic Acrylic table into something more striking and beautiful. The idea is to play with the transparency of the table by creating a layered effect. The photos show a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this design.



Firstly thoroughly clean all the surfaces to ensure they are free from dust and grease as well as moisture.pintar-metacrilato-3

Then mask your design on the outside of the table using masking tape or similar, including the edges.pintar-metacrilato-4

Spray the inside of the table with Pinty Plus Evolution spray paint in your chosen colour (cream in this case). Followed by the outside in a contrasting colour such as this silver grey from the Pinty Plus Evolution range. Tip: When spraying it is important to use slow sweeping movements (without stopping) rather than applying too much paint at once to prevent uneven coverage and drips.pintar-metacrilato-6pintar-metacrilato-7


Immediately remove the masking tape carefully and allow the paint to dry thoroughly.


Thank you Mari Luz of Brico Deco for showing us how to achieve this.